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ipados 16.1 update

iPadOS 16.1 Features, Problems, Fixes, Improvements & More

Apple has rolled out iPadOS 16.1 build number 20B82. This marks the official iPadOS 16 release, one month and 12 days after iOS 16 premiered on September 12! Check out all the new features as well as problems and issues reported for this release! iPadOS 16.1 Problems Before you update your iPad check the issues…

iOS 16.1 RC

iOS 16.1 RC Problems, Features, Bugs Fixed, Improvements

Apple has released iOS 16.1 RC build number 20B79. This is the final beta update before the public release of iOS 16.1 announced for October 24. Check out the common problems, new features, bugs fixed, improvements and more!…

apple watch unable to verify update

Apple Watch Unable To Verify Update? WatchOS 8.7.1 Stuck?

Are you getting the Apple Watch unable to verify update error? Does this happen when you try to update Series 3 to watchOS 8.7.1? iOS informs that you are not connected to the Internet, but that’s obviously not the case!…

watchOS 9.0.2 update

watchOS 9.0.2 Bugs Fixed, Problems, Features & Improvements

Apple has released watchOS 9.0.2 build number 20R383 for Apple Watch 4 and later. This is a minor update that continues to fine tune the 9th watchOS generation. Check out the bugs fixed, new problems, features and improvements!…

iOS 16 Beta 6

iOS 16 Beta 6 Issues, Features, Bug Fixes [Live Support]

Apple has released iOS 16 Beta 6 build number 20A5349b. This release comes exactly one week after iOS 16 Developer Beta 5 and brings bug fixes and features as it continues to fine tune the new OS for the public release. Check out an extended review which also includes new and known issues….