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hearing aids disconnect from iPhone

Hearing Aids Disconnect From iPhone After Update (Fixed!)

Hearing Aids disconnect from iPhone after iOS 15.6 update? Connecting to iPad isn’t working either after updating to iPadOS 15.6? This accessibility issue has been faced by others! Read on and find out what you can do to fix it!…

SIM Card not working on iPhone

SIM Card Not Working On iPhone After iOS 15.6 Update (Fix!?)

Is the SIM card not working on iPhone after iOS 15.6 update? Are you getting No Service, No SIM error? Device isn’t able to dial or receive regular calls and text messages? You’re not the only one. This issue has been reported by several readers….

a problem repeatedly occured on iPhone

A Problem Repeatedly Occurred In Safari On iPhone (iOS 16)

Are you getting the A problem repeatedly occurred error in Safari on iPhone running iOS 16? This has been reported during the beta stages. The issue is often caused by Safari Extensions that aren’t fine tuned for iOS 16 yet….

AirPods settings on iPhone

New AirPods Settings On iPhone In iOS 16 (How To)

AirPods Settings on iPhone and iPad are much easier to access in iOS 16. A distinct AirPods menu becomes available at the top of the Settings home screen. It provides quick customization for AirPods features and setup….

iOS 16 Features

iOS 16 Features List (Popular, Hidden, Less Known & More)

There are numerous iOS 16 features for iPhone and iPad coming in this release. Check out this complete collection along with the full iOS 16 timeline since the first beta release up to the current version, expected release date and more….