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airpods connection failed error

AirPods Connection Failed Error? Try Again Not Working? Fix!

Getting AirPods connection failed error when trying to pair Apple’s wireless earbuds to iPhone? Try Again won’t fix it? You’re seeing the same red exclamation mark over and over again? You’re not alone!…

iMessage myself iOS 16 issue

iMessage Myself Not Working in iOS 16? SMS Sent Instead?

Sending an iMessage to yourself not working properly after iOS 16 update? iPhone sends regular SMS instead? Seeing green bubble instead of blue, every time you deliver a text to yourself to save a grocery list or something else important?…

vibration not available iOS 16

Vibration Not Working iOS 16 Issue? Missing From Settings?

Vibration not working on iPhone in iOS 16? Haptics not playing when receiving notifications, during incoming call alerts or when an alarm is ringing? Vibrations stopped working completely after update? Issue persists in 16.1 and 16.1.1?…

save as video not an option ios 16

Save As Video Live Photo Not An Option In iOS 16? [How To]

Save as Video not available for Live Photo in iOS 16? Option missing in the Share menu of the Photos app, after you updated iPhone to iOS 16, 16.1 or 16.1.1? Fortunately, it’s still available but has been relocated!…

iOS 16.2 b security response

iOS 16.2 b Security Response Update For Beta 3 iPhones

Apple has released iOS 16.2 b Security Response update build number 20C7750490f for all iPhones running iOS 16.2 Beta 3. This is the 2nd Rapid Security Response rolled out by Apple after 16.2 (a) (20C7750490e), seeded almost two weeks ago….