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ios 16 typing issues

iOS 16 Typing Lag? Keyboard Not Accurate? Autocorrect Bug?

Are you experiencing iOS 16 typing lag? Keyboard not accurate and slow after update? Autocorrect is also not working properly anymore? You’re not the only one!…

tap to wake not working ios 16

Tap To Wake Not Working iOS 16 Issue? Screen Lags? (Fix!)

Is Tap to Wake not working properly on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Screen lights up with a few seconds delay after you tap it? Issue persists in 16.1 and 16.1.1 updates? You’re not alone! This unexpected behavior is impacting most devices….

spotlight search issues ios 16

Spotlight Search Slow iOS 16 Issue? Keyboard Not Loading?

Is the Spotlight search slow on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Keyboard won’t show up, search field drops until the bottom of the screen? Search suggestions and results are lagging up to a couple of seconds? You’re not the only one experiencing it!…

iPhone unlock animation lag

How To Fix iPhone Unlock Animation Lag In iOS 16

Is the iPhone unlock animation lagging after updating to iOS 16? Device unlocks properly with Face ID but the animation is slow and stutters? This is a common bug reported for the first time during Beta 5 (or Public Beta 3) testing phase….

Volume slider lag on iPhone

How To Fix Volume Slider Bug On iPhone In iOS 16

Is the Volume slider lagging on iPhone in iOS 16? Are the Volume Buttons not working as expected and act as being stuck when you click them? This is a common bug that has been reported by a lot of users in iOS 16 Beta 4….