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Tag: iOS

FamilyTime iOS app blocker feature

Use iOS Parental Control To Limit Your Kids’ iPhone Screen Time

According to a report by The Latest, 67 percent of teens own an iPhone. Whereas, 74 percent want their next phone to be an iPhone. This shows how popular Apple’s smartphones are. On average, kids reach the age of 8, they start demanding a phone and they are more than eager to receive an iPhone….

Super Mario Run App Store page

How To Play Super Mario Run On iPhone And iPad

For sure, the most expected App Store event, scheduled for the final part of 2016, is the release of Super Mario Run! Nintendo managed to create a Pokemon GO-like type of hype around their legendary runner. The app has just been released, a few hours ago, and there is a huge interest pilling up around…

Blank iPhone Home Screen.

How To Set Up A Empty Home Screen On Your iPhone And iPad

If you’re an experienced iPhone user you most likely tried, in the very first iOS versions, to create a blank Home Screen without too much success. I’m talking about an empty Home view that doesn’t host a single app icon. However, this is now possible because Apple has quietly started to allow iOS users to…

The scecret Japanese Keyboard emoticons

How To Enable And Use Hidden iOS Keyboard Emoticons

Today I’m uncovering for you a feature that has always been available on your iPhone or iPad but 99% of iOS users aren’t aware of it! I’m talking about a whole range of Keyboard emoticons that are buried deep within the Settings app. They’re very expressive and are made out of ingenious compilations of signs…