iPhone Microphone Not Working During Calls In iOS 15? (Fix!)

Microphone not working in iOS 15

Microphone not working in iOS 15

Is your iPhone microphone not working when picking up calls? Are you able to hear the caller but your voice doesn’t go through to the other end of the line? This is another issue that has flared up since the release of iOS 15.0.1!

iOS 15 Microphone Bug

This new problem has been reported to us by Lizeth:

“Hi new software update iOS 15.0.1. I have iPhone 7. I lost audio in regards to every it’s used. Calls, FaceTime, voice recording, video recording, and Siri.”

We’ve managed to find similar complaints on Apple’s discussion forums:

“I have an issue on my new iPhone 13 pro max which is updated to latest iOS 15.0.1. Whenever I have a call on WhatsApp or Messenger I get muted and the other end can’t hear me anymore. “


“Microphone stopped working after updating to iOS 15.0.1. Running on an iPad Pro (12.9) 2nd gen.”

How To Fix Microphone Not Working In iOS 15

This issue occurs both for regular calls as well as FaceTime audio, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and other VoIP calling options. It occurs on both new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models as well as the 12, 11 and older.

There’s no magic fix at the moment but you can apply the following troubleshooting options:

1. Restart iPhone

First, you should reboot your device. A fresh start could clear minor glitches that might prevent the microphone from working during calls.

How to: You can turn iPhone Off and back On, or apply the force restart trick to do it in a single step!

2. Avoid Speaker Mode

how to turn off speaker during call
Most users affected by the iOS 15 microphone bug have reported that the issue is mainly occurring when the speakerphone is enabled during calls.

I recommend you not to use the speaker option.

3. Test iPhone Microphone

online microphone test for iPhone
You can use this online test tool to check if the microphone on your iPhone or iPad is working or not.

What result are you getting? Error, ‘no audio input device found’?

4. Use AirPlay Or Other Headphones

how to change call audio routing setting on iphone
Another workaround for iPhone microphone not working is to set your calls to be routed to your AirPods or any other audio headset available.

How to: Browse for Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Call Audio Routing. Select Bluetooth Headset.

5. Tweak AirDrop Settings

(Updated: October 29)
how to fix iphone microphone not working during calls

  • Open Control Center.
  • Tap the AirPlay icon, available in the top-right corner of the Now Playing controls.
  • Select iPhone instead of Speaker. Is the receiver able to hear you now?
  • Credits: Thanks to Matt for providing this workaround in the comments section.

I have found the same issue on my iPhone, if you need to use the Speaker mode and still be heard, a workaround (for me at least) was to swipe down from the top right hand corner then tap the Airplay icon and what pops up were two choices: Speaker (which is ticked) and iPhone (unticked) if you change it to iPhone then the receiver will then be able to hear you again. I think you have to have made the call first for this workaround to work.

Have you managed to fix microphone not working on iPhone or iPad? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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