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airpods case 0 iOS 16.2

AirPods Case 0 Battery Percentage iOS 16.2 Bug? Fix?

AirPods case showing 0 battery percentage although the real value is 100%? This happens after iOS 16.2 update? iPhone is unable to display the correct values in the Battery widget? You’re not alone!…

battery percentage iphone 13

Battery Percentage Not Showing On iPhone In iOS 16? (Fix!)

You can finally display the battery percentage on iPhone with Face ID! The values are shown within the battery icon in the status bar starting with iOS 16! However, there are plenty iPhone 13,12,11 and XR users that aren’t getting the battery percentage in the status bar….

iOS 14 battery percentage bug

How To Fix iPhone Battery Percentage Bug In iOS 14

Is your iPhone battery percentage not working properly? A series of users have mailed us to complain that their iPhone (X, XR, 11 and 12 Pro Max) seem to display an incorrect remaining battery percentage value since updating to iOS 14.2. The issue seems to occur right after the device is charged overnight. The iPhone…

iOS 14.2 battery drain bug

How To Fix iOS 14.2 Battery Drain Issue On Old iPhone Models

Is your iPhone battery draining faster since you updated to iOS 14.2? More, is your device taking longer than usual to charge? Apparently, this is a common problem especially for owners of older iPhone models. A bunch of reports regarding the iOS 14.2 battery drain issue have been mailed to us over the weekend and…

how to show battery percentage in macOS Big sur menu bar

How To Add Battery Percentage To Menu Bar in macOS Big Sur

Is your MacBook not displaying the remaining battery percentage, near the battery icon in the menu bar? This is the default setting in macOS Big Sur, but you can easily change it. More, you can also add the battery widget to the new Control Center and also quickly add or remove other icons from the…