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iPhone 12 pre-order date and time

How To Pre Order iPhone 12 & 12 Pro (Time Zones & Countdown)

The iPhone 12 lineup can be pre-ordered this Friday (October 16), starting with 5am PDT. If you want to make sure that you grab your 2020 iPhone on launch day, you might wanna set up an alarm and a countdown timer to make sure that you’re among the first that order….

WWDC 2020 keynote design

WWDC 2020 Schedule And June 22 Keynote Countdown Timer

Apple has recently revealed the full schedule of the upcoming WWDC 2020 digital only event (because of the COVID-19 pandemic). As we already anticipated, the keynote will be delivered on June 22, starting from 10 a.m. PT. It will be streamed live, from Apple Park, on Apple.com, in the Apple TV app as well as…

iphone x pre-order countdown timer

Live Countdown Timer For iPhone X Pre-Order Start

The iPhone X becomes available for Pre-Order Friday, October 27 at 12:01 AM PT. However, the 10th anniversary iPhone won’t be available for online purchasing only in the United States, but in a total of 55 countries and territories around the world. As always, Apple will perform a simultaneous pre-sale start which means that the…

ios 11 countdown timer with seconds precision

iPhone Countdown Timer Receives Seconds Precision In iOS 11

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference and the new Seconds division, added to the stock Timer app, in iOS 11, is a highly welcomed addition for those that like precision. If your iPhone or iPad runs the 11th iOS generation you can set countdown timers for time frames less than a minute,…

iPhone camera timer menu

Set iPhone Camera Timer for Automatic Photos

If just purchased you first iPhone, or simply switched from Android or Windows Phone, you’ll be shocked to find out that the iOS built-in iPhone camera app doesn’t have a camera timer option! Yes, you got it right. There’s no built-in option to set a countdown timer that delays the process of photo shooting, to…