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Hum A Song - Google Search

How To Hum A Song And Find It With Google Search On iPhone (And Android)

Google has updated its Search app for iOS and Android with a new feature that allows you to hum a song and search for it. The software uses machine learning algorithms to listen and compare your humming with a huge songs database, in an attempt to identify the music track that’s stuck in your head….

google assistant gains apple music support

Google Assistant For iOS Receives Apple Music Support

Google Assistant has been available for iOS users since a few months now, but the Mountain View-based Internet giant has just introduced a new feature to Siri’s competitor. You can now use the third party Assistant to play music on your iPhone and iPad from Apple Music. It’s true that Google’s Assistant isn’t a match…

download google assistant for iphone

Google Assistant For iPhone Is Now Downloadable From The App Store

Google has just introduced its Assistant to iOS, at its annual I/O developer conference, the equivalent of Apple’s WWDC. Siri‘s rival is available via a standalone app, which is now also listed in the App Store. Download Google Assistant for iPhone and gain access to all its interactive features directly from your Apple device. Until…