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iPhone screen wakes up randomly

How To Fix iPhone Screen Wakes Up Randomly Without Touching

Is your iPhone screen turning on randomly without the screen being touched? Does the display light up by itself every now and then? No, you’re not dealing with a ghost, but rather with an iOS bug or a glitchy third-party app that refreshes in the background and accidentally triggers the iPhone screen to wake up!…

iPhone 7 Force Restart Combo

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Force Restart Trick

We can all agree that iOS is the most stable mobile operating system currently available on the market. Nevertheless, even the best have their flaws and iPhones can also jam, in certain situations. Your Apple smartphone could be clogged up, run a beta iOS version or load a third party app that crashes the device….

watchos 2 wake screen on tap setting

How To Extend The Apple Watch Wake Screen Display Time

Your watchOS device is set, by default, to wake up when you perform a raise of your wrist. The opposite happens when you lower your hand and the Apple Watch goes into sleep mode, in order to save battery life. However, you can also light up your wearable’s screen by tapping it. This results in…

apple watch activate on wrist raise gesture

Apple Watch Activate On Wrist Raise Setting

The Watch OS device comes with a cool feature that allows users to wake it up with a natural flick of the wrist. This setting is enabled by default, after you set up the Apple Watch and pair it with an iPhone. The smartwatch’s built-in accelerometer is used to detect the movement of your wrist…