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Personalized Spatial Audio

Personalized Spatial Audio Setup, Test & How To Use (iOS 16)

Personalized Spatial Audio is a new audio feature available with compatible AirPods, in iOS 16. It allows you to listen to spatial audio content in a personalized way, because iPhone is able to map your ear geometry and thus provide an unique audio experience….

Apple Music punk category

New Apple Music Punk Category Available In Search

Apple has silently added a new Apple Music Punk category to its premium music streaming service! This new genre collection has been spotted in Search by a Reddit user. However, the Punk section is not always easy to find, as it might not be featured by default in the Categories section….

Full screen Music player on Lock Screen

Full Screen Music Player On Lock Screen (iOS 16 Public Beta)

The full screen Music player on Lock Screen is one of the first things that will stand out to you after installing the iOS 16 Public Beta. This will surprise you even if you’ve already tested the three previous Developer Beta versions!…

how to favorite artist Apple Music

How To Add Favorite Artist On Apple Music In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can add favorite artists on Apple Music. This way you’ll get better recommendations as well as notifications about new releases. This is a highly awaited feature that has been available with competitors like Spotify for a while now….

Apple Music sort playlist by

Apple Music Sort Playlist By Date Added & More [How To]

Apple Music playlist sort playlist by date added, release date, title, artist is finally available in iOS 16! This new feature that has been available to Spotify users and other competitors for a while now. Here is how to use it!…