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Tag: Voice

download google assistant for iphone

Google Assistant For iPhone Is Now Downloadable From The App Store

Google has just introduced its Assistant to iOS, at its annual I/O developer conference, the equivalent of Apple’s WWDC. Siri‘s rival is available via a standalone app, which is now also listed in the App Store. Download Google Assistant for iPhone and gain access to all its interactive features directly from your Apple device. Until…

Siri disabling all iPhone alarms.

Did You Know That You Can Ask Siri To Cancel All Your Alarms At Once?

Life in the 21st century has never been more alert as nowadays. The huge amount of tasks that we have to complete daily forces us to use reminders, set up alarms in order to be able to stay on track with our schedule. Everything starts with the morning wake up call given by the iPhone’s…

whatsapp voice message for unanswered call

WhatsApp Messenger Introduces Voice Message Feature For Unanswered Calls

The Facebook-owned cross messaging platform has received a new iOS update. WhatsApp version 2.16.8 is now up for grabs in the App Store. A Voicemail-like feature has now been introduced for the VoIP call system. This means that if you dial a WhatsApp call and your contact isn’t available to pick it up, you can…

iphone 6s ios 9 siri graphics

Hey Siri Available Full-Time On iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Thanks to the embedding of the M9 motion processor (which now becomes a co-processor), within the A9 Chip, the 2015 iPhones are able to provide the Hey Siri feature all the time and not only when plugged-in, the way the previous iOS gadgets are set to operate. This is a major improvement allowing users to…