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iPhone 13 force restart trick

How To Force Restart iPhone 13 And 13 Pro (Hard Reset)

The iPhone 13 force restart trick is one of the most popular troubleshooting methods used for minor software issues. iOS 15 brings lots of new features but also a fair share of bugs. If you recently upgraded your hardware knowing how to hard reset iPhone 13 is almost mandatory!…

white iPhone SE 2 force restarting

How To Force Restart / Hard Reboot The iPhone SE 2

Have you upgraded to the iPhone SE 2nd generation? Congratulations! Everything should be nice and merry with your new iOS device. However, there might be times when your smartphone start to behave strangely, the screen freezes and the entire device is unresponsive. You can’t even turn the device off and back on to naturally restart….

how to force restart the iphone x

How To Force Restart The iPhone X

The iPhone X is officially available worldwide and no matter how well Apple crafted this device, at some point in time you, will have to restart it, if an iOS 11 glitch makes it unresponsive. However, because of the lack of the Home button, the usual iPhone hard reboot command doesn’t work with the 10th…

iPhone 7 Force Restart Combo

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Force Restart Trick

We can all agree that iOS is the most stable mobile operating system currently available on the market. Nevertheless, even the best have their flaws and iPhones can also jam, in certain situations. Your Apple smartphone could be clogged up, run a beta iOS version or load a third party app that crashes the device….

force restart apple watch trick

How To Force Restart The Apple Watch

We’ve just put our hands on Apple’s first generation smartwatch and most gadget enthusiasts agree that the Watch doesn’t look, nor act, as a first edition device. The Cupertino-based company has managed to pull of another impressive gadget. However, we have to be aware that watch OS is at it’s inaugural release and there might…