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Cannot Verify AirPods popup

Cannot Verify AirPods iOS 16 Bug? Earphones Genuine? (Fix!)

Are you getting the Cannot Verify AirPods popup after iOS 16 update? You’re informed that your headphones or earphones couldn’t be verified as genuine AirPods and might not behave as expected? Does the error show up even though your AirPods are original?…

iPhone storage full issue

iPhone Storage Full Notification Issue Fixed In iOS 15.6.1?

The storage full notification issue is one of the oldest and most persisting bugs of iOS 15. Now, that we’re nearing the crossover to iOS 16, some readers still report the problem in iOS 15.6.1 even if Apple confirmed that’s been fixed in the update log of iOS 15.6….

black box on Lock Screen

Black Box On Lock Screen Won’t Go Away in iOS 16? (Fix!)

Random black box on Lock Screen after software update? iPhone also runs hot, lags and experiences extreme battery drain? This issue has been initially reported after the iOS 16 Public Beta 4 (Developer Beta 6) release….

red notification dot stuck on apple watch

Apple Watch Red Notification Dot Won’t Go Away (Fixed!)

Apple Watch notification dot won’t go away from the top of the Watch Face? Is the red dot stuck on the screen after a notification is triggered? Swipe-down for Notification Center to clear the notifications doesn’t work either? This is a common issue in watchOS 9!…

Volume slider lag on iPhone

How To Fix Volume Slider Bug On iPhone In iOS 16

Is the Volume slider lagging on iPhone in iOS 16? Are the Volume Buttons not working as expected and act as being stuck when you click them? This is a common bug that has been reported by a lot of users in iOS 16 Beta 4….