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iOS 15 Screen Time bug

iOS 15 Screen Time Bug Showing Wrong Usage Times (Fixed!)

A strange iOS 15 Screen Time bug is causing iPhone to display wrong screen on times! The data is obviously inaccurate because users confirm values of 24 hours or more, which is obviously impossible! The most frequent apps involved in this glitch are Safari and Twitter….

iPhone Storage bug in iOS 15

How To Fix iPhone Storage Bug (Wrong Capacity In iOS 15)

Are you also hit by the iPhone Storage bug? Are capacity calculations wrong since updating to iOS 15? Is your device going as far as displaying zero KB used? Or, the other way around iPhone or iPad displays a much higher storage usage than you’re actually using?…

Clock Widget bug in iOS 15.1

Change City In Clock Widget Not Working? (iOS 15.1 Bug)

Are you trying to change city in the Clock Widget but a glitch occurs and the glance stops working? This is a new iOS 15.1 bug that popped up during Beta 3. Users get the City City City selection instead of the chosen location. More, the Home Screen widget stops working!…

ring volume low in iOS 15.1

Incoming Calls Ring Volume Too Low On iPhone In iOS 15.1 Beta 2

Is the incoming calls ring volume too low on iPhone after updating to iOS 15.1 Beta 2? This appears to be a new bug that makes alerts on your device difficult to hear, although the Volume is turned up to the maximum. Restarting iPhone doesn’t seem to help?…

Activity Rings disappeared in watchOS 8

Apple Watch Activity Rings Disappeared From Watch Face (watchOS 8)

Have the Apple Watch Activity Rings disappeared from your Watch Face? Is this happening daily, or several times a day since you updated to watchOS 8? The good news is that activity tracking continues normally, in the background, and the Rings are available in the Fitness app!…