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Fix flickering widgets in iOS 14

How To Fix Flickering (Flashing) Widgets On iPhone In iOS 14

Home Screen widgets have become increasingly popular since the release of iOS 14. However, because this is an entirely new feature, the new iPhone glances come with a fair share of bugs and glitches. Sometimes the widgets turn grey, display a black screen or don’t load any data at all….

How to fix Widgetsmith Photo Album bug

Update Fixes Widgetsmith Photo Album And No Data Bug (+ New Widget)

Widgetsmith has just received a new software update. Version 1.0.7 promises to fix a glitch that was preventing the shared albums from displaying on the iOS 14 Home Screen. On top of that, we’ve also noticed that it fixes the No Data Activity widget bug!…

Blurry photo in Widgetsmith widget

How To Fix Blurry Photos In Widgetsmith Widgets On iPhone Home Screen

Widgetsmith is the app of the moment for many iPhone users! Ever since iOS 14 was released with spectacular new Home Screen customization features, third-party apps offering custom widgets have become increasingly popular….

Best Widgets for iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14

Top 10 Best Widgets For iPhone Home Screen (iOS & iPadOS 14)

By far the most spectacular new feature introduced in iOS 14 is the option to add widgets to the Home Screen. Both stock and third-party apps are allowed to provide glances for the iPhone’s home pages and here you can find some of the best currently available….

Step Counter Home Screen Widget iOS 14

How To Add Step Counter Widget On iPhone Home Screen In iOS 14

Home Screen widgets are getting increasingly popular as more and more third-party apps update with support for this new iOS and iPadOS 14 feature. They help you save time by reading the info that you need as soon as you unlock your iPhone….