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Mail not working in macOS Monterey

Mail Not Working on Mac: Emails Not Loading In macOS 12.0.1

Are emails not loading in Mail after macOS Monterey update? They’re listed in Inbox, but when you try to open a message the read it, you just get the header but the rest of the page is blank page with no content in the body section? This seems to be a widespread macOS 12.0.1 Mail…

iPhone not backed up notification

iPhone Not Backed Up Notification (Backup Failed Suggestion)

Is your iPhone not backing up to iCloud and you’re frequently getting ‘Backup Failed’ warnings or ‘iPhone Not Backed Up’ notifications? This is usually caused by not enough storage available in your iCloud account. There are two options to fix this issue!…

Messages bug deletes Photos in iOS 15

Messages Bug Deletes Saved Photos From Threads In iOS 15

iOS 15 brings a lot of new features but an equal amount of bugs, especially in its initial release version. However, an issue covered by MacRumors takes it to a whole new level. Apparently, there is a bug in Messages that removes any saved Photos, when a thread is deleted!…

Hide My Email in iCloud+

How To Hide My Email On iPhone, iPad & Mac With iCloud+

iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey come with a new Hide My Email feature that allows you to conceal your email address when interacting with websites and apps across the web. This new privacy option is available with iCloud+ (iCloud Plus), Apple’s premium version for iCloud….