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paste from other apps iOS 16 setting

Paste From Other Apps iOS 16.1 Setting Not Available? (Fix?)

The new Paste from Other Apps setting is coming with the iOS 16.1 update and it aims to fix the annoying ‘Would you like to Paste from’ popups, that are exposing third-party apps when they attempt to copy the clipboard directly, without asking….

iOS 16 allow paste popup

iOS 16 Allow Paste Popup? Would Like To Paste From? (Fix!)

Are you annoyed by frequent iOS 16 Allow Paste requests? Popup asks if you would like to paste from and app to the other, even when data is imported between stock iOS applications? Here is what you can do about it!…

iOS 14 Pasted from Clipboard banner notification

The iOS 14 Pasted From Clipboard Banner Notification

iOS 14 is highly privacy-oriented and adds many new features and enhancements that allow you to protect your sensitive data. One of them generates a new type of slide-in banner notifications whenever an app copies from the clipboard. This way you might discover apps sniffing in your clipboard even though you wouldn’t expect them to…

safari paste and go feature

Safari ‘Paste And Go’ iOS 9 Feature

Another nice little shortcut, embedded within iOS 9, has come to my attention, while toying with my iPhone this morning. Apple calls it Paste and Go and its a new Safari option that allows you to directly open a copied URL, within a new tab of the native iOS browser. Practically, you spare a tap,…

vulcan hand emojis via ios keyboard shortcut

Add Vulcan’s Hand Emoji To iPhone Keyboard

iPhone fans from the Reddit community have discovered an useful glitch within iOS 8.3, which allows you to add your own Emojis to the built-in iOS keyboard. The trick works with the help of the predefined keyboard shortcut system. Whenever you stumble upon a smiley face that you fancy and it’s not included within the…