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Card Not Added error

Card Not Added Apple Pay Error In iOS 16 (Fix?)

Are you getting the Card Not Added error when trying to add a credit card to Apple Pay on iPhone? You’re asked to contact card issuer for more information? This appears to be a common problem during the iOS 16 beta testing stages….

Amex card removed from Apple Pay

Amex Card Removed From Apple Pay After iOS 16 Update (Fix)

American Express card removed from Apple Pay? Have your Amex cards been unexpectedly removed from Wallet after iOS 16 update? Issue has been confirmed by the credit card service company via email? Other credit/debit cards might be affected too….

COVID Vaccination Card on iPhone

How To Add COVID Pass To Wallet On iPhone In iOS 15

Are you trying to add COVID Pass to Wallet on iPhone but it’s not working? First, you should know that this feature is only available in iOS 15.1 and later. So, make sure that your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch runs the appropriate software version!…

How to export Apple Card transaction data from iPhone

How to Export Apple Card Data From iPhone in CSV, OFX, QFX, or QBO Format

Apple has started its own credit card system in the United States almost one year ago. You can apply for one in the Wallet app as long as your iPhone runs iOS 12.4 or later. However, if you’re already an active user you might be interested in how to share your transactions with third-party money…

apple pay and iphone x

How To Pay With Apple Pay And Face ID On iPhone X

Apple Pay is a very popular service among iPhone users and it has always been invoked with the help of the Home-button double-click gesture and authenticated with a fingerprint, via Touch ID. However, none of the two steps are valid anymore, if you upgraded to the iPhone X. The 10th anniversary iPhone doesn’t pack a…