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Apple Arcade games on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV

4 Educational Games We’d Like To See In Apple Arcade

A surprising number of iOS games have educational value, even if it’s not overt. Numerous popular word games, from Ruzzle to Words With Friends, can expand vocabularies and spelling. Mystery narratives like The Room series and Year Walk can teach reasoning and critical thinking. And some of the puzzle games we highlighted some time ago…

Stanford Medicine COVID-19 first responder guide

Download Apple’s New COVID-19 Guide For First Responders

Apple has just released a new Coronavirus related app. The Cupertino-based tech giant has partnered with the Standford University and created a guide with updated information and safety practices related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The app is intended to support police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders with precious data regarding the ongoing outbreak….

How to quickly start a WhatsApp group video call

WhatsApp Group Calling Just Got Easier Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

VOiP calling apps have experienced a dramatic increase of usage since the Coronavirus outbreak. One after the others countries have started to promote social distancing and have applied drastic lockdowns to be able to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting friends and family is now only available online for about one third of the planet. Cross-platform…

Tunes a new app for couples by Facebook

Facebook Launches Tuned A New App For Couples (Free)

Facebook has revived its former Creative Labs development team, that was shutdown back in 2015. It’s now called NPE-team (New Product Experimentation Team) and has just launched a new app for iOS and Android Smartphones. Tuned is a new app for couples. The software is meant to provide a virtual private space for couples and…

How to schedule a fake incoming call on your iPhone

How To Fake An Incoming Call On Your iPhone And Get Out Of Trouble

You’ve surly had your awkward moments and have been desperately searching for a way to get out of jail in a quick and honorable way. The same goes for boring discussions that you wish you could end as soon as possible. In all these cases, an incoming iPhone call can literally save you by the…