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google chrome not opening in macos ventura

Google Chrome Not Opening On Mac In macOS Ventura? (Fix!)

Google Chrome not opening on Mac after macOS Ventura update? Chrome not working at all and crashes as soon as you attempt to launch it? You’re not alone!…

change default web browser on Mac

How To Change Default Web Browser On Mac (Chrome, Edge…)

Do you know that you can change default web browser on Mac? If you don’t like Safari you don’t have to ‘stick with it’. You can easily switch to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or any other less popular browser….

google chrome as default browser on iOS

How To Change The Default Safari Web Browser On iPhone & iPad

Starting with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple allows users to change the default web browser and mail client on iPhone and iPad. This means that if you have a third-party browser or mail app that you like more than the stock ones, you can now set it as default instead of Safari or Mail….

google chrome pull to reload, open or close tab

Chrome Pull To Reload, Open or Close Tab Trick

Google has just released version 42.0.2311.47 of its Chrome browser app, for iOS. A slick trick that now allows you to pull down to upload the current tab has been introduced. In fact, we’re talking about a three-way shortcut that provides swipe-fast access to the Refresh, New Tab and Close Tab commands. Google Chrome is…