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A Problem Repeatedly Occurred in Safari 15

How To Fix Safari 15 A Problem Repeatedly Occurred Error

Are you prompted with the A Problem Repeatedly Occurred with [website name] error when trying to open a web page in Safari 15? You’re asked to Reload Webpage but the same error message is displayed in a loop every time you click the refresh option?…

Safari video black screen bug

How To Fix Safari Videos Black Screen Bug (iOS 15 & iPadOS 15)

Are you experiencing Safari video playback issues in iOS 15? Do you want to watch a clip embedded in a web page but the media is not playing? In fact, the movie plays, as you can see the timeline unfolding, but the video only shows a black screen? Sometimes audio and captions are available without…

Safari address bar at the top of the screen

How To Bring Safari Address Bar To The Top Of The Screen (iOS 15)

One of the most controversial changes coming in iOS 15 is the relocation of the Safari address bar to the bottom of the screen, when the iPhone is held in portrait mode. Nevertheless, Apple is flexible enough and is allowing users to revert back to the traditional placement, with the Safari tab bar displaying at…

Safari Autofill Passwords not working

How To Fix Safari Autofill Passwords Not Working On iPhone

Are you trying to log-in to one of your web accounts but Safari Autofill Passwords is not working? Are your log-in details not automatically filled in the Sign-In form although you’re sure that the authentication credentials are saved and stored in the stock iOS Passwords feature?…

how to use Safari Extensions on iPhone

How To Use Safari Extensions On iPhone And iPad In iOS 15

iOS 15 brings Safari Extensions on iPhone and iPad. This popular Mac Safari feature has been finally expanded to all compatible iOS and iPadOS devices. All that you have to do is install the extensions from the App Store, configure and enable them in Settings….