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how to fix unlock Mac with Apple Watch

Unlock Mac With Apple Watch Not Working In Big Sur (Fixed!)

Has the ‘Unlock Mac with Apple Watch’ feature stopped working since your updated to macOS Big Sur? You have all the iCloud Keychain setting configured properly but your Mac is still asking you for administrator Password when waking up from sleep mode? This seems to be a common macOS Big Sur issue that affects lots…

woman using face id with closed eyes

How To Set Up Face ID To Unlock iPhone X When Your Eyes Are Closed

The revolutionary Face ID unlocking feature, developed for the iPhone X, comes out of the box with the requirement that the user stares at the device (with eyes open) in order to be validated, as the legit owner of the smartphone by the TrueDepth camera. However, a recent Apple support document confirms that the face…

auto unlocking mac with apple watch

Trick To Auto Unlock Your Mac With The Apple Watch

If you just added the Apple Watch to the list of Apple products that you own, you might be unaware that there are numerous ways to take advantage of it, besides the most advertised ones like Activity tracking, Music playback, Call making and so on. You can use your watchOS smartwatch to unlock your Mac,…