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iPhone X connected to car via Bluetooth.

How To Fix iOS 13 Bluetooth Connectivity Bug With Your Car, AirPods And Other Accessories

Are you having problems with the Bluetooth connectivity between your iPhone and your car? If you just upgraded to iOS 13, you’re not the only one experiencing this issue. Apparently the 13th iOS generation comes with a bug that randomly connects and disconnects your car from your iPhone. I personally experienced this issue while listening…

ios 13 low data mode for iphone

How To Use iOS 13 Low Data Mode To Reduce iPhone Cellular And Wi-Fi Data Usage

Similar to the Low Power Mode that Apple introduced back in iOS 9, the iPhone gets a welcomed Low Data Mode feature that helps users reduce the data usage over cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Although in most cases Wi-Fi and cellular data plans are quite affordable nowadays, there are still services that charge additional fees…

iphone with lightning cable connectivity problems

How To Fix iPhone or iPad That Is Constantly Connecting And Disconnecting From Mac When Plugged In

Have you just purchased a new Mac and you encounter problems when connecting your iPhone / iPad to it while using the lightning cable? Is the iOS device continuously acting as if you would plug and unplug it rapidly from your computer or notebook? Don’t panic! You’re not the only one that’s experiencing this problem….

iPhone XS Max Bluetooth connectivity problems.

iPhone XS Max Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Unfortunately the iPhone XS Max antenna connectivity problems aren’t only cellular data related. Although, for an equally small amount of users, the Bluetooth connectivity seems to be also plagued by issues. Several readers have reported that they encounter problems when trying to connect their iPhone XS Max to a third party Bluetooth accessory like speakers…

lifetime vpn for iphone

5 Great VPNs for Your iPhone in 2018

Most of us know to remain vigilant to spam email and malware, using a combination of common sense and virus protection, but fewer people seek to protect their privacy online, which is where a VPN can bail you out of trouble. It’s true that iOS is one of the safest operating system available on the…